Forge Intercooler

Forge Intercooler

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Forge Motorsport are proud to present our intercooler for the Mini Cooper S F56, F55 and F57 Chassis. As the originators of the stepped core design way back in 2006, Forge is best placed within the market to call on our vast expertise in order to deliver a direct fit intercooler that  enhances the performance potential of the BMW/MINI Group 2.0 petrol turbo engine. The Forge core offers a 63% increase in frontal area over stock and a correspondingly large increase in volume of 57%. Forge intercooler end tanks are cast aluminum, made from 3D printed prototypes that Forge manufactures in their dedicated R&D facility in Gloucester, UK. The Bar and Plate design comes after months of testing different core designs and opting for the core with best internal and external airflow.